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I'm Tudor, a UI/UX Designer that loves solving complex problems through design.

Every project is an opportunity to deliver a distinctive and memorable digital experience that satisfies users and strengthens brand equity. Hence, I focus on crafting memorable digital experiences and beautifully unique user interfaces.

My Design Process

Baidoc Strategy Process


Asking first. I always check that we're addressing the right questions and taking on the proper issues before diving into design. This phase also involves consulting, investigating potential solutions, and doing market research and competitive analysis.
Baidoc Design Process


Problem solving. By the end of this phase, you'll have a pixel-perfect design for your app or website. During the transition from wireframes to the final design, I create prototypes replicating the final result before development.
Baidoc Development Process


Bringing design to life. Because I'm a designer who can also code, I can easily collaborate with developers and provide a handoff of the design. Alternatively, I also take over the complete front-end development part.
Baidoc Testing Process

Quality assurance

Clear procedure. A full breakdown of my design process through regular meetings. I'm happy to conduct user testing following the initial design iterations to make sure the best solutions are being provided for their needs.

My Design Philosophy

Defining what I wish to accomplish, and which principles I will use to do so.
Research first
Defining the concrete benefits of this project, and the value it can bring to users.
Empathic approach
Going through potential solutions that would fix the given problem.
Early Feedback
Testing assumptions gives the chance to make course corrections early
Design for Everyone
Design that can be used by a wide range of people, including people with disabilities.